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Paul Jozsef Counselling & Psychotherapy provides emotional and psychological support for people experiencing anxiety issues in Surry Hills.

My name is Paul. I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor based in Surry Hills, Sydney. I specialise in working with adults and adolescents experiencing difficulty with anxiety issues.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety or worry is a normal response to a present or imagined threat. However, when worries disrupt or interfere with daily life or if the symptoms persist long after the danger has passed, it would be advantageous to seek treatment.

Symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Persistent, excessive or unrealistic worries
  • Intense excessive worry about social
  • Panic attacks
  • Intense, irrational fear of everyday objects and situations

Therapy for anxiety issues can help you learn to recognise the triggers of your anxiety, it’s origins, and how to overcome it.

My practice is conveniently located in Surry Hills, a short walk from Central train station.

If you are interested in discussing your specific needs, how I might be able to help, or to book a free, no obligation brief consultation (5-10 minutes), please feel free to contact me.

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